Celebrate Day of the Dragon: A First Look at House of the Dragon Merchandise

The reign of House Targaryen takes flight with Day of the Dragon: an exclusive first look into the highly-anticipated Game of Thrones prequel and begins with the launch of the House of the Dragon online store. Fans finally return to the Seven Kingdoms, introducing this coveted collection of official House of the Dragon inspired apparel, accessories, gifts, and gear, all unfolding on WB The Shop.

House of the Dragon takes place 200 years before the events of Game Of Thrones and sets forth the tale of the powerful House Targaryen – a family forged by flames as the sole dragonlords.. Follow as new friends and foes ignite the flame of a budding civil war that threatens to implode and extinguish their dynasty.

The wait is over starting June 22nd. Day of the Dragon unveils commemorative collectibles that include the exclusive House of The Dragon Bomber Jacket and introduce Westerosi wardrobe staple t-shirts, totes bags, mugs, and more. Whether you’re and ally or rival to they who sit on the throne, gear up for this epic new age with personalized gifts, Funko POPS, house sigil cufflinks, and premium posters to adorn every personal palace. Your inauguration into the ranks of royalty starts on Day of the Dragon on WB The Shop with this Targaryen twist on exclusive apparel, accessories, and drinkware fit for a king or queen.

The dragons fly again with this first collection available first on WB The Shop.